6 Ways Social Media Can Work For Your Business

6 Ways Social Media Can Work For Your Business

6 Ways Social Media Can Work For Your Business
Published On: June 3, 20233.4 min read

Social media is quickly becoming arguably the preferred form of communication. More people sign up every single day, as shown by Facebook’s 2.6 billion active users. How can you use social platforms as a useful tool to grow your business?

Countless small business owners know that social media is important to use, but do not know how to use it for their business, or the important “rules” to remember. It is hard to keep track of the newest trends on social media, or even the newest platform that people are using!

Maintain a Presence on as Many Platforms as Possible

While this idea may seem like a no brainer, there are countless businesses out there that only think they need to be present on Facebook, or LinkedIn because those are the most “professional” platforms. Maintaining a presence on all platforms is important to be able to get as many eyes on your business as possible. While your business may be more catered towards one audience versus another (more on this later), giving yourself the best chance to be exposed to as many people as possible is the best plan of action.

Deliver a Consistent Brand Message

Delivering a consistent brand message across all forms of marketing, not just social media, is important to make users familiar with your brand. The more consistent your brand message the more credibility it gives users, and it makes your social media marketing feel even more professional. However, an important thing to remember is that this does not mean the strategy is the same across all platforms! One would likely not post TikTok content on Twitter, and someone who does surely would not see much positive reaction to it.

Engage With Your Customers

Social media is all about engagement. The entire concept is the idea that people can engage in social discourse from the comfort of their smartphone, desktop, tablet, etc. Interactions with your customers gives customers a feeling that they are important enough for your time! Whether it be a comment praising your services, or a comment in reference to a topic entirely unrelated.

Practice Customer Service

While social media can be a great benefit for your business, it can also be a large hindrance as well. As a result of social media being a space for users to engage in discourse at their own leisure in a remote location, this allows users to post disparaging reviews, comments, and content about your business. These situations are never good, however there is a best practice to this. Arguing with the customer on social media is not a good idea! If the situation truly needs to be resolved, make sure the customer knows you are going to make things right. If you believe you are being wrongfully accused, it is best to take the conversation into a private message and try to defuse the situation there. Try to find out what the customer feels they did not receive from their interaction with your company, and either explain why the actions were taken or decide what you can do to help the customer’s situation further.

Show Who You Really Are

Promotions are always a favorite item to post on social media. However, people do get tired of constant product posts and peddling your newest deal. Social media is a great place to show your customers, or potential customers, a new side of your business. Bring some personality to the platform! Let’s be honest, you wouldn’t follow a company that ONLY posts product promotions, would you? Why do you think your customers would want to? Give them a little bit of personality and let them experience why you love the business that you are in!

Call For Help

At Max Results Media, we are marketing experts. With our years of combined Digital and Traditional media experience, Max Results Media is just like having an in-house marketing department. If you are overwhelmed with managing your social media for your business, call the experts! We work for you, so that you can focus on growing your business.

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